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To impart quality education, knowledge & skills to the agriculture professionals for meeting the future developmental needs & challenges of diversified agriculture.








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Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta, was established in October, 1987 after realizing the immense need for professionals in the field of agriculture. Since inception, it has produced more than 500 graduates in the various disciplines of Agriculture. The annual intake in the college has been kept at a base minimal level of ninety eight students to ensure quality of education and research on high grounds. The infra- structure of the college is well-established and enforced with well-equipped laboratories, up-to-date library and well-trained, qualified academic staff.


As part of our commitment to a sustainable agricultural future of Balochistan province, students of Balochistan Agriculture College have access to modern research centers and academic facilities. The college has collaboration with the Agriculture Research Institute and Arid Zone Agriculture Research Center, Quetta, for field research on deciduous fruits and field crops. Through this exercise, students learn practical aspects of the agricultural education and modern research methodologies.


Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta, is administratively contolled by  the Secretary, Government of Balochistan, Agriculture & Co-operatives Department and  affiliated with the University of Balochistan for the award of degrees of B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture & M. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture.




There will be a pre-entry test for admission in BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta. This will be compulsory for all categories of seats.


1.         The total number of slots for admission to 1st semester of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree program for the academic year 2009 in BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, shall be 98.


2.         The break up of 98 slots shall be as under:


a.         District Merit slots                                                                  66

b.         Provincial Merit slots of Balochistan                                      10

c.         specified seats for:


            i.          Children of Employees of Agriculture Department               05

ii.         Girls students of Balochistan Province                                   05

iii.        Punjab Province                                                                      03

iv.        Sindh Province                                                                        03

v.         N.W.F. Province                                                                     03

vi         Azad Jamu & Kashmir                                                            03                                                                    Total:                                                  98              


2.         The District Merit seats of Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta are distributed among 29 Districts / Agencies of Balochistan on Population basis. The allocation of scats to various Districts/Agencies is as under:


S.No.   Name of District                                Allocation of Seats


1.         Quetta                                                                         08

2.         Pishin                                                              04

3.         Killa Abdullah                                                04

4.         Chagai                                                             01

5.         Noshki                                                             01

6.         Loralai                                                             03

7.         Zhob                                                                02

8.         Sherani                                                            01

9.         Killa Saifullah                                                 02

10.       Barkhan                                                           01

11.       Musakhel                                                         01

12.       Sibi                                                                  02

13.       Ziarat                                                               01

14.       Kohlu                                                              01

15.       Dera Bugti                                                      02

16.       Kalat                                                               02

17.       Khuzdar                                                          04

18.       Lasbel1a                                                          03

19.       Kharan                                                                        01

20.       Washuk                                                           01

21.       Mastung                                                          02

22.       Awaran                                                           01

23.       Turbat                                                              04

24.       Punjgur                                                            02

25.       Gwadar                                                           02

26.       Nasirabad                                                        02

27.       Jafarabad                                                         04

28.       Bolan                                                               03

29.       Jhalmagsi                                                         01



3.         No difference has been made between the urban and rural areas of the Province.


4.         The female candidates are also eligible to compete with male candidates for the district merit seats of their respective districts and the seats specified for the children of Balochistan Agriculture Department.


5.         If a candidate has opted for Medical, Engineering, Veterinary, Forestry, or Agriculture graduate or post graduate degree program in any other institution against the Government reserved seats, he/she shall not be eligible to seek admission in to the 1st semester B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree program in BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, as the case may be, during the current session only. However, such candidate shall be eligible to seek admission in the next session on merit, provided that he/she is not a regular student of other Institution.


6.         No notice/letter shall be issued individually to the candidates for inviting applications, entry test, interviews, etc. Instructions shall be propagated through press releases in the Local / National Newspapers, Radio and Television.


7.         Applications for admission along with documents received in the College shall not be returned. In case, a candidate submits original certificates with his/her application, the same shall be returned to him / her on supplying the attested copies of the said certificates after the admission process is over.


8.         A candidate, who, for the purpose of getting admission, furnishes or relies upon a certificate or any other document of information, which is incorrect or false, shall be debarred from admission in the college for that academic session and shall also be liable for prosecution in the Court of Law.



1.         The candidates seeking admission to Balochistan Agriculture College, shall have to produce before the Selection Committee, a Local/Domicile certificate issued by the Deputy Commissioner Cum-District Magistrate/District Administrative Officer of the respective District under the Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 (Act II of 1951) and the rules made there under.


2.         The minimum qualification for a candidate for admission to 1st Semester B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture class is the Intermediate Science (Pre-Medical/Engg.) group from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Balochistan, Quetta or equivalent examination from any recognized Board or University. The candidate must have passed his/her Matriculation examination with science subjects.


3.         At the time of admission, the age of the candidate should not be over 25. However, those, employed in Balochistan Agriculture Department should not exceed 32 years of age. The candidate should provide medical fitness certificate from a Government approved Medical Officer at the time of admission.


4.         A candidate found in possession of two or more Local/Domicile certificates issued by the District Magistrate of different Districts at the time of submission of application for admission, shall not be considered against either of the district quotas.


5.         No candidate, even if selected by the Selection Committee, shall be admitted to BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, after 15 days from the date of announcement of final results of the Selection Committee through the Local/National Newspapers, Radio, Television and by displaying the same on the Notice Board of the College. Besides, the Principal, BalochistanAgricultureCollege has the right to fill the vacant slots from the candidate standing on the waiting list of the respective districts.


6.         Employees of provincial Agriculture Department seeking admission to BalochistanAgricultureCollege shall have to produce a NOC issued by the Head of the respective Agriculture wing.




Applications for admission to first year (1st Semester) B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture class shall be invited by the PrincipalBalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, through an advertisement in the Local / National Newspapers and or broadcast / telecast on the Radio and Television. The applications are required to be submitted on or before the date specified in the advertisement.


2.         All applications must accompany copies of the following documents attested by an Officer of B-17 or above. All columns of the application form must be filled in correctly. Incomplete applications will be rejected:


a.         Intermediate science (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering) certificate.

b.         Intermediate science (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering) detailed marks certificate.

            c.         Matriculation certificate (with science subjects).

            d.         Matriculation detailed marks certificate.

e.         Local/Domicile certificate issued by the District Magistrate/District Administrative Officer of the respective district (* Please see explanation below).

f.          National Identity Card of the candidate or his/her father in case he/she is below 18 years of age.

            g.         Character certificate from the Principal of the Institution last attended.

            h.         Four attested copies of latest passport size photographs.

i.          An affidavit on the non-judicial paper duly attested by a first class Magistrate to the effect that the candidate will never take part in any political activity during the course in the College.


*EXPLANATION: In case, the candidate is below the age of 21 years, he/she must produce the Local/Domicile certificate of his/her father/mother issued by the District Magistrate/District Administrative Officer of the concerned district under the citizenship Act of 1951. In case such a candidate is not in a position to produce such certificate due to the death of his/her parents than he/she may produce such a certificate of legal guardian mentioning the name of the candidate therein.


3.         Applications received after the closing date will not be entertained and no excuse will be acceptable.


4.         The selection of candidates for admission to 1st semester B.Sc. (Hons.). Agriculture shall be made by the Selection Committee appointed by the Government. The selection will be made strictly on merit basis in each category of slots from amongst the applicants according to the conditions laid down in the Prospectus.


5.         Merit for Admission to B. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. 1st semester shall be determined on the basis of performance in the Metric, F. Sc. (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering) and the entry test.






(i)         There will be an entry test for admission to B. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. 1st semester comprising of the following subjects:


a. Physics

b. Chemistry

c. Biology (for Pre-Medical candidates / Mathematics (for Pre-Engineering candidates)

d. English


(ii)        The qualifying marks in entry test will be 40%. Any candidate who fails to qualify the entry test will not be considered for admission. The weight-age for the preparation of final merit list will be as under:


a. Metric or equivalent examination                                                    10%

b. Adjusted marks of F. Sc. (Pre-Medical) or equivalent                   50%

c. Entry test                                                                                         40%


(iii)       Examples of adjusted marks for preparation of final merit list as per weight-age given in section 6 (ii) above,








% Marks obtained

Adj. Marks

% Marks obtained

Adj. Marks







F. Sc. (Pre-Medical)






Entry Test






Adjusted Marks for final merit list







 (iv)      Pre-requisite for admission to 1st semester B. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. is F. Sc. (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering ) with at least 2nd Division. However, in case the adjusted marks of the candidate with a lower mark exceed those of a candidate with higher marks, the merit will be determined on the basis of adjusted marks.


(v)        Sample of the entry test is attached with this prospectus.



7.         In case the adjusted marks of two or more candidates are equal, the candidate securing higher marks in the Matriculation with science examination shall be ranked above in merit for the purpose of admission. If the marks of Matriculation with science are also equal the candidate elder in age shall be ranked above in merit.







1.         Admission will be made strictly on merit among the candidates possessing Local/Domicile certificates of the same district. In case of unavailability of a candidate from a specific district, the slot of that district shall be allotted to respective Zone or to open merit.


2.         Merit slots are open to al1 candidates.


3.         Children of the Employees of Agriculture Department will be required to produce employer's certificate of their parents. The admission will be on merit among their specified quota seats. .


4.         An employee of the Department of Agriculture will only be allowed to avail two number of specified quota seats for his/her children.


5.         There will be no admission on temporary basis.



1.         The selection of candidates for admission to 1st semester B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture class in BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, in different categories shall be made by the Selection Committee consisting of the following members.



Secretary, Government of Balochistan, Agriculture & Co-operatives, Department.



Representative of Education Department, Government of Balochistan



Representative of S&GAD Government of Balochistan only in the respect of specified seats # 2 (i-vi)



Representative of the University of Balochistan



D.C.O. of Respective District



Principal, BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta




2.         The meeting of the Selection Committee shall be held in the premises of BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta, for interviewing the candidates.


3.         Physical presence of the candidate is compulsory at the time of interview.


4.         The quorum of a meeting of the Selection Committee shall be 3. The meetings of the committee shall be presided over by the Chairman, and, in his absence, by a representative nominated by him /her.


5.         Decision of the Selection Committee shall stand final.


6.         No provisional admission shall be granted to any candidate in BalochistanAgricultureCollege, Quetta.


7.         Government of Balochistan reserves the right of making any addition, deletion or amendment in the admission policy, prospectus, and application form at any time.



1.         All the students must pay fees by the date as may be fixed by the Principal for the purpose as per detail given below:



B.Sc.(Hons.)   1st year

B.Sc.(Hons.) 2nd year

B.Sc.(Hons.) 3rd year

B.Sc.(Hons.)  4th year

1st Sem.

2nd Sem.

3rd Sem.

4th Sem.

5th Sem.

6th Sem.

7th Sem.

8th Sem.

Admission fee









Registration Fee









Tuition fee









Welfare fund









College Magazine









Sports fund









College ID Card









Library fee









Laboratory maintenance fee









Common Room maintenance fee









Tour fee









Stationery charges









Library & Laboratory security (Refundable)









Examination fee



















2.         If the fees are not paid in time, name of defaulter, already admitted, will be struck off from the college roll.  Re-admission will only be allowed on payment of re-admission fee amounting to Rs.500/- in addition to the usual College fees. .


3.         Fees once paid shall not be refundable except laboratory, library and hostel securities, which, if not claimed within one year after leaving the college, shall be credited to the College Welfare fund.


4.         A student who is required to attend the academic year for the second time on account of failure in a professional examination would be required to pay the welfare and Sports fund only for that year.

5.         There will be no remission of fees.


6.         A student identity card will be issued on production of receipt of College fees prescribed for the 1st semester. If identity card is lost, it will be re-issued on payment of Rs. 50/-





The selected candidates for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture course shall be eligible to get scholarship and other financial assistance on the following basis:



Basic academic expenditure Annually                                   



Scholarship from Govt. of Balochistan Monthly



The banking Council also grants interest-free loans (Qarz-e-Hasna subject to the availability of funds) to students seeking financial help.



Financial assistance from Zakat & Usher Department, Government of Balochistan for deserving candidates is also available.



Note:   Those candidates who are employees of provincial Agriculture Department

shall not be eligible for scholarship / financial assistance.


1.         Title: -             These Regulations will be called Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta Semester Examination Regulations 2006.


2.         Commencement: -     The Regulations 2006 will come into force from the First Semester Regular Examination of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agric. 1st Semester class for the Calendar year 2006.


3.         Definitions: -  In these Regulations, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context: -


a)      “Semester” means a regular semester of 20 weeks (Explanation: Out of 20 weeks, 16 weeks shall be the actual teaching time; the rest may be utilized for admission/enrolment, conduct of examinations, etc.).

b)      “Credit Course” means a course of study to be completed as a requirement for a degree.

c)      “Deficiency Course” means a course in which a student has been adjudged deficient by a competent body of the College.

d)     “Audit course/non credit course” means a course attended without any liability of taking its examinations.

e)      “General course” means a course taken by the general class or the students of more than one major.

f)       “Credit hour” means the successful completion of a course of one semester hour in theory or two semester hours in practical per week.

g)      “College” means Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta.

h)      “University” means University of Balochistan, Quetta.


4.         Courses of study: -

a)      The courses of study and syllabi for various degrees of the College shall be submitted by the respective Boards of Studies of the College to the Academic Council of University for approval. Such courses and syllabi shall become effective from the date of approval by the Academic Council or such date as the Academic Council may determine.

b)      No course will carry more than 5 credits.


5.         Organization of teaching: -

a)      Teaching in various courses shall be conducted in the College through lectures, tutorials, discussions, seminars, demonstrations, practical work in laboratories, field and other methods of instructions approved by Academic Council.

b)      Teaching in each Department shall be conducted by the College teachers or such other person as may be declared to be teacher by regulations.

c)      Teaching in each Department shall be organized through courses specified for each subject and approved by the relevant authorities.

d)     No course shall be conducted unless there are at least 10 students enrolled for general course and 6 students enrolled for specialized (Major) and postgraduate courses. In special case however, if the students are less than the required number, permission of the Principal shall have to be obtained to conduct the course. However, the condition will not be applicable for the students when they have already completed the minimum required time for their respective degree program.


6.         Medium of Instruction: -      English shall be the medium of instruction and examination except in case of Islamic studies, which shall be in Urdu.


7.         Courses Number: -    The courses will be numbered in a sequence from 301 to 699 for Bachelor’s degree. This number will be proceeded by two to five letters indicating the field of study e.g. AGR-301 for Agronomy-301 will precede this number.


8.         Deficiency: -   If the courses qualified by a candidate does not provide adequate background for the degree course which he intends to take up, he may be required to make up the deficiency by taking one or more additional course(s) as may be prescribed/determined by the concerned authority.


            Deficiency courses will be mandatory to pass but these will not be counted in calculating GPA/CGPA and will not have any effect on the academic position of a student.


9.         Enrolment/Exam:


(i)          A candidate admitted to the course shall for so long as he has not completed all the requirements for the degree, enrol himself for each semester subject to the maximum admissible limit of 12 semesters in case of B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture and the session immediately following, failing which his admission shall stand cancelled. In case a student discontinues without permission, he may seek readmission, in the same semester next year, with the approval of the Principal and on the recommendations the Head of Department/ Division concerned, provided that he has not already exhausted the maximum residential requirements for the course, and provided further that the first eight semesters in case of B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture, a candidate may enrol in the semester in which his/her failing/remaining subject(s) is/are offered in accordance with his/her “Scheme of Studies” subject to the admissible limit of 12 semesters.     

(ii)        At the beginning of each semester a student must enrol courses of studies on the prescribed form (UG-1).

(iii)      A student, who maintains the minimum CGPA for promotion and meets the requirement in his/her respective program, will be promoted to the next semester. If he/she does not maintain the required CGPA, he/she shall be ceased on the College Rolls and the ceased period, shall not be counted towards his/her academic residency period.

(iv)      A student who does not meet the requirements for promotion, may have to repeat the whole semester (only once during the degree program), the course grades, that he/she earns in the repeated semester, shall replace the previously earned course grades. However, if he/she again does not meet the requirements for promotion in the repeated semester or in any other examination after availing this one chance, he/she shall cease to be on the College rolls.

(v)        The enrolment shall not be completed unless a student makes payment of all the prescribed fees and submits the prescribed form in the respective office. The student shall not be allowed to sit for the semester examination unless all payments are made.

(vi)      Enrolment and fee payment shall be completed on the days notified for this purpose, provided that the Authority concerned may, in special circumstances and on payment of a late fee applicable at the time, permits a student to enrol within seven days after the commencement of the semester.

(vii)    Enrolment forms (UG-1) must be submitted to the office of the Registrar, BAC latest by the fourth week of the commencement of semester who will responsible to submit the same to the Controller of Examinations, University and other concerned.

(viii)  A student admitted to the course shall, for so long as he has not completed all the requirements for the degree, enrol himself/herself for each semester, failing which his/her admission shall stand cancelled, unless he/she gets permission for discontinuation.

(ix)      The name of student, who remains absent from the classes continuously for a week without prior permission shall be struck off the roll. A teacher shall report the absence to the chairman concerned for onward transmission to the authorities.


10.       Course of study:

(i)          The students will follow the scheme of study as approved by the Academic Council from time to time.

(ii)        No student will take any course unless he/she has cleared the prerequisite courses as determined by the Department.


11.       Withdrawal/Change of the Course(s): -

(i)          When a course for which a student is enrolled, can not be offered according to the program announced, he/she may take up an alternative course, but this must be done not later than 15 days after the date of enrolment.

(ii)        A student may be allowed to change the course(s) within seven days of the commencement of the semester and to drop a course within five weeks of the commencement of the semester with the consent of the Advisory Committee/Authorized Officers of the College/University.


a.      Discontinuation: -

(i)          A student may discontinue his/her studies with the permission of admission office due to illness duly certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner to be determined in each case on a written application by the student. The respective Head of the Department/Division concerned would duly notify this.

(ii)        A student can discontinue only if he/she was enrolled or has passed the final examination of the previous semester with the minimum GPA/CGPA required for academic standard of the College to remain on roll.

(iii)      The minimum period of discontinuation of studies by a student would be for one semester instead of one year but not exceeding two years for entire degree program.

(iv)      Discontinued period will not be counted towards academic residence.

(v)        If discontinuation is prior to enrolment, he/she has not to pay the fees.

b.            Improvement of Grade: -

(i)          During the specified minimum duration for completing the degree, a student may repeat those courses of the previous semester(s) in which he/she had secured the grade ‘F’, provided the course load does not exceed the maximum limit of credit hours in a semester. Repetition of lowest grade(s) will be allowed after completing last semester if, the CGPA is less than the degree requirement.

(ii)        The grades that a student earns in the repeated courses shall replace the previously earned course grades. However, the previous grade shall stand if the repeated grade is less than the previous one.

(iii)      The prerequisite courses in which the student has failed, will have to be cleared immediately at the next available opportunity, provided that his/her maximum workload, including the courses being repeated by the student, will not exceed the normal workload.


In addition to the general regulations, the following regulations are also applicable to the B. sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree:


1.         Minimum requirement for award of B. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Degree


(i)         The minimum duration for completing the course for the degree of B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture shall normally be 8 semesters and maximum 12 semesters.


Explanation:  There will be two semesters in each academic year of 20 weeks each.  There will also be a session of 8-10 weeks duration as part of an academic year, and shall be optional.  Students who wish to pass “F” grade (s) and to improve “D” grade (s) may enrol in this session in the courses offered. It shall not count towards residential requirements.

(ii)        The minimum course requirements are 149 credit hours.


2.         Minimum and Maximum Credit Hours: -

(i)        Each student shall enrol himself/herself in the first and second semester for all the credit hours prescribed for these semesters.

(ii)      Subsequently (except for eighth semester) he/she shall have to enrol for courses carrying not less than 17 and not more than 27 credit hours.  The students who wish to pass “F” grade (s) and to improve “D” grade (s) may enrol the session for not more than 15 credit hours.

(iii)    In his/her sixth and seventh semesters, a student may enrol himself/herself for the courses carrying the remaining credit hours; provided that the maximum does not ordinarily exceed 30 credit hours; provided further that this limit may be extended by the Principal up to 30 credit hours in 6th semester if no even semester course is left behind and similarly he/she may be allowed to enrol up to 30 credit hours in 7th semester if no odd semester course is left behind, in special circumstances to be determined carefully in each individual case. The same will be applicable to the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th semester.

(iv)    No course shall be offered during any semester, which does not fall within the “Scheme of studies” in the respective semester.




3.         Academic Standing: -

       Grade Point Average

       (a)        Maximum Grade Point Average                                             4.00

       (b)        Minimum Grade Point Average for obtaining the degree      2.50


To remain on the roll of the College student shall be required to maintain the following minimum GPA/CGPA in each semester:





0.75 (GPA)

















4.         Explanation: -


(i)        A student who maintains the minimum GPA/CGPA for promotion and meets the requirements will be promoted to the next semester.

(ii)      A student who does not meet the above requirements may repeat the whole semester once only.

(iii)    If a student fails to achieve CGPA 2.5 in the 8th semester, he/she shall have to repeat the course/courses with lowest grade(s) to make CGPA of 2.5 within the maximum time allowed for the degree otherwise he/she shall cease on the College rolls.

(iv)    GPA/CGPA shall be calculated at the end of each semester in accordance with the relevant regulations.

(v)      At the end of 1st semester a student securing GPA less than 0.75 shall cease to be on the roll of the college.  He/She may, however, again seek admission at the next following admission time, provided that this concession will be admissible to him/her only once.



1.                  Dates for the Examinations:


The Heads of Department shall prepare & submit the date sheet after proper scrutiny of clashes, to the Controller of Examinations for final notification. It will be the duty of concerned Head of Department to hold examination in case of clash, if any.


2.                  Centre of Examination:


(i)          All examinations of the College shall be held according to the venue and date sheet proposed by the Controller of Examinations and notified by the Principal.

(ii)      The examinations will be conducted by respective teachers. The Chairman of Department will, however, make necessary arrangements for invigilation in case of generals course.

(iii)    If a candidate’s paper is lost after having been received by the teacher/ examiner and if he/she passes in all other courses of the examination, he/she may be required to appear in the lost paper on a date fixed by the Controller of Examinations, and, if he/she obtains pass marks, he/she shall be deemed to have passed the examination.

(iv)    In case of dispute as to whether a candidate’s paper was duly received or not, the finding of the Controller of Examinations, subject to the approval of the Principal, shall be final.

(v)      Practical Examination will be taken by the teacher concerned and an external examiner (designated by the competent authority). 25% marks of practical examination shall be awarded by the internal examiner and the rest 75% by the external examiner.


3.                  Paper Setting and Marking:

(i)        The final examination of the course (Theory & Practical) of a semester shall be held collectively by setting a single examination paper for all the sections of a class on a date and at a time and place to be notified by the Controller of Examinations.

(ii)      All teachers teaching various sections of a class will set their individual examination papers and submit them to the Department /Chairman / Section In-charge who shall set the final single paper from the examination papers so submitted by the sectional teachers.

(iii)    The answer books will be marked by the respective teacher individually or collectively as may be determined by Department Chairman/ Section In-charge.

(iv)    The Chairman of the Department/Section In-charge will arrange the Invigilation/supervision of the examination of the course and send its copy to the Controller also.

(v)      Copies of the award lists along with answer books will be sent to the Controller of Examination of the college.




4.                  Evaluation:-

(i)        The minimum pass marks for each course shall be 40% for undergraduate program separately in theory & practical (if applicable).

(ii)      Grade points will be as follows:


Marks Obtained        Grade      Grade Point         Remarks

   80-100%                      A                  4                   Excellent

   65-79%                        B                  3                   Good

   50-64%                        C                  2                   Satisfactory

   40-49%                        D                  1                   Pass

   Below                          F                   0                   Fail        


(iii)    The grade point will be worked on the basis of percentage of marks obtained by a student in each course separately according to conversion table (Quality Point Table for GPA/CGPA) and not on the percentage of total marks obtained by a student. One credit hour shall carry twenty marks.


5.                  Calculation of GPA/CGPA:-


(i)        GPA/CGPA will be calculated at the end of each semester in accordance to the following formula:






























(ii)   The quality points table as given below will be used for calculating the GPA/CGPA:

6.         Marks Grade of Deficiency Course:-

The marks / grade required to pass a deficiency course shall be the same as in the regulations relating to the examination / course concerned.


7.         Examination and Weightage:-


a)      Theory:


In theory paper, student’s evaluation shall be done by mid-term examination, assignment / quizzes / term paper, & final examination. Both the mid-term & final examinations shall be compulsory, a student who misses His/her mid term examination, shall not be allowed a make-up examination & awarded zero marks in that examination, however, he/she may appear in the final examination. In case a student does not appear in the final examination of a course, he/she shall be deemed to have failed in that course.


In theory, weight age to each component of examination shall be as prescribed here under:


B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture


            Mid Examination              30%

            Assignments                      10%

            Final Examination             60%


b)     Practical:


For practical examination (if applicable) 100% weight age will be towards final examination.


c)      A mid-term examination for minimum of one-hour duration will be held during 8-10th weeks of the semester. The results of the examination shall be submitted to the Controller of Examinations by the 12th week. However, Chairman/In-charge of the concerned department will be responsible for timely submission of Mid and /Final Examinations results.


d)     Quizzes, special home assignments &/or term papers shall be given from time to time which shall be uniformly split over the whole semester.


e)      Final Examination: A single written theory examination for a minimum of two hours duration for each course will be held at the end of the semester on the dates notified by the Controller of Examinations in advance. The practical/each laboratory experiment, exercise, operation etc. (where applicable), shall be considered an examination as prescribed by the respective department.



8.                  Eligibility for Examination:


      (i) A student shall be eligible to appear in the examination provided that he/she:


(a)Has been on the roll of the College during that semester.

(b)   Has enrolled & registered himself / herself for the courses of studies.

(c)    Has attended not less than 75% of the classes in theory and practical /laboratory of each course. Provided that the period of absence in the case of participation in co-curricular / sports activities / medical leave with the permission of the competent Authority concerned may not be counted.


(ii)A committee constituted by the Principal may, on the recommendations of the teacher, of the course concerned, condone the deficiency in attendance up to not more than 15% of the total lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory demonstrations.


(iii)Principal will constitute Examination Supervisory Committee for mid term and final examinations for proper conduct of exams.


9.                  Submission of Final Results:-


(i)   The final results (award lists) of all the examinations shall be completed and submitted to the Controller of Examinations under sealed cover along with the attendance sheet, question papers and answer books of the students as per  following schedule:


(a)      For a class having students up to 20 in number 4 days after the date of examinations.

(b)     For a class having student’s up to 50 in number 7 days after the date of examination.

(c)      For a class having student more than 50 in number 10 days after the date of examination.


(ii)      The students will be permitted to go through their answer books in the presence of teacher concerned before the award list is sent to the Controller of Examinations.

(iii)    Boards of Studies of each department will examine all problems regarding uniformity, standards of tests, examinations, assignments etc, before the declaration of results for the Semester, or any appeal from the student or teacher of any other related matter and send recommendations to the Principal for final decision. The decision of the Principal shall be final.

(iv)    After receiving the answer books, if a discrepancy of numerical nature in the marking of the scripts comes to the notice of the Controller of Examinations, he shall take action to get it rectified.


10.              Examination Fees:-

Each student is required to pay the College/University examination fees each semester at the rate notified from time to time by the College/University authorities failing which his/her admission shall stand cancelled.


11.              Tabulation/Publication of Results:-

i)        All answer-books received from the Examiners after marking, shall be checked and tabulated in the office of the Controller of Examinations. The result of a particular examination will be notified by the Controller of Examinations.

ii)      In case the result of a particular candidate or candidates be wrongly declared and mistake is of serious nature the Principal shall issue orders that the mistake be rectified in a manner which appears to him to be just and proper.

iii)    The Principal may order with-holding the result of a particular candidate or candidates, if it is considered necessary in the interest of the College to do so.

iv)    The Controller of Examinations of the college shall issue provisional certificate and provisional transcripts (detailed marks certificates) on prescribed forms to the successful candidates, on request and payment of prescribed fee and on production of proof of his/her College/University clearance and identity.


12.              Re-checking/Re-assessment of Answer Books:-


(i)     Re-checking of the answer -books shall be allowed if a student is not satisfied and asks in writing only on payment of prescribed fee per course not later than one month of the result notification.

ii)      Re-checking of the answer-books will be done to ensure that:


(a)    totals have been rightly brought forward.

(b)   there is no mistake in the grand total on the cover/title page of the answer book.’

(c)    no portion of the answer-book has been left un-marked and/or the answer-book has not been changed.



i)        Reassessment of the answer-book of a course shall be permissible if a student is not satisfied and ask in writing on payment of prescribed fee per course not later than one week of the result notification.

ii)      The answer-book will be sent to the examiner outside the college for reassessment.


13.              Storing Answer Books/Award Lists:

i)        Answer Books of different examinations shall be stored for one year only from the date of commencement of the examination and then these shall be auctioned after removing and destroying the cover/title page.

ii)      Award Lists will be stored for six years and after that period these shall be destroyed.


14.              Breach of Examination Rules(Unfair Means)

i)        Any candidate, found to have in his/her possession or accessible to him, papers, books or notes, relating to the subject of examination of that paper, detected in giving or receiving assistance, or using or attempting to use any other unfair means in connection with the examination, shall be expelled from the examination room.

ii)      If it is found that a candidate has access to, or is in possession of papers, books or notes, which might possibly be of assistance to him / her.


(a)    but that his/her access to, or possession of such books, notes or papers was inadvertent, and was not mollified, his/her answer book shall be cancelled as a disciplinary measure without any implication of moral turpitude; and

(b)   in other cases of possession he/she is disqualified from passing any examination that semester and the following semesters.


iii)    Any candidate detected in giving or receiving assistance, or found guilty of copying from any paper, book or note, or allowing any other candidate to copy his answer-books, or using or attempting to use these or any other un-fair means, shall be disqualified from passing any examination for a period not exceeding two years.

iv)    Notwithstanding any other law for the time being in force and without prejudice to any remedy open to the College under such law:

(a)    any candidate found guilty of deliberate previous arrangements to cheat in the examination such as smuggling in another answer-book, impersonation or misconduct of a serious nature and the person who impersonates such candidate, if he is on the roll of the College, shall be disqualified for a period of not less than two years and not more than three years or declared as not a fit and proper person to be admitted to any future examination of the College, according to the seriousness of the offence and the other circumstances of the case.

(b)   if the impersonator is not on the roll of the College the Controller of Examinations shall report the matter to the police with the permission of the Principal.


Provided that in a case covered by clause (a) above a candidate or the impersonator, on the expiry of three years including the examination in connection with which he was declared to be not fit and proper person to be admitted to any future examination, as a special case, be exempted by the Syndicate from further operation of this Regulation with the sanction of the Principal.


v)      Any candidate using abusive or obscene language in the answer-book shall be disqualified from passing any examination that semester.

vi)    Any candidate forging another person’s signatures on the attendance sheet shall be disqualified as per Regulation 14(ix).

vii)  Any candidate found guilty of disclosing his identity or making peculiar marks in his answer-book for that purpose shall:

a.       If he is successful in the examination, be disqualified from passing ther examination that semester, and

b.      If unsuccessful in the examination, be disqualified for that semester and the following semester.

viii)                        Candidates guilty of communicating, or attempting to communicate, with Examiners with the objective of influencing them in the award of their marks, shall be deemed to have used, or attempted to use, unfair means within the meaning of Regulation 14(xi) and shall be punished accordingly. Communications of this nature addressed to the Controller of Examinations or other officers of the college shall be related as falling in the same category and the candidate concerned shall be punished as in Regulation 14.

An approach made by a relative, guardian or a friend of a candidate will, as a rule, be considered to be on behalf of the candidate, who shall be punished as laid down in the Regulation. The making of an ap[peal to the Examiner through an answer-book by a candidate is prohibited. The answer-paper in which such an appeal is made shall be liable to be cancelled.

ix)    Any candidate who refuses to obey the teacher/examiner conducting the examination in the Examination Hall, shall be liable to expulsion by the teacher/examiner as well as to any of the following punishments according to seriousness of the offence:

(a)    Cancellation of the particular answer-book concerned.

(b)   Disqualification up to maximum period of three years.

x)      The Examiner concerned shall report, without delay, each case in detail with evidence and explanation of the candidate concerned to the Controller of Examinations for final orders of the College Authorities.

xi)    Any candidate found in possession of fire-arms or any thing capable of being used as a weapon of offence in or around any Examination Hall, shall be liable to expulsion by the examiner as mentioned in Regulation 14(ix) above and to disqualification ranging between two and three years.


15.              Injured Examinee:

A writer to an injured examinee shall be permitted on his/her written application in advance to the competent authority. However, the competent authority has the right to assess the request on case to case basis for the grant of writer to the injured examinee.



1.         A student who has passed 4th semester examination can choose a subject for specialization.


2.         The student will not be allowed to select a subject for specialization in which he/she is failed.


3          Allotment of major subject will be on merit specified for different major subjects.




1.         A student shall not be permitted migration without the provisional permission of the Principal and the Government concerned.


2.         A student shall not be permitted migration in 1st year B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture class.


3.         Only University-registered students shall be eligible for migration.


4.         No application for mutual migration or otherwise shall be entertained unless the student has passed 1st year (1st & 2nd semester) B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture class.


5.         No application for migration shall be entertained during the academic year except on Father's/Guardian's death or transfer in support of which authentic proof must be forth-coming.


6.         A student being allowed migration must complete his/her 75% attendance, clear all outstanding dues.


7.         A student being allowed migration must deposit migration fee amounting to Rs. 50,000/- in the account of BalochistanAgricultureCollege in Muslim Commercial Bank, Jinnah, Road Branch, Quetta.



1.         There are two Hostel Blocks for students in College premises. Hostel accommodation shall not be provided to the students of Quetta District.


2.         On account of non-availability of rooms at present, the College does not undertake the responsibility to provide hostel accommodation to the newly admitted students.


3.         Accommodation, if made available at any stage, shall be allotted by the Allotment Committee on merit and first come first serve basis upon production of receipt of payment of Hostel fees. At the beginning of each semester, every boarder must deposit the Hostel fees, otherwise, his allotment shall stand canceled.


4.         The rate of hostel fee and security is as under:



Per semester Hostel maintenance fee.



Hostel Security (Refundable) for each






5.         No student is allowed to change his room without prior approval of the Allotment committee.


6.         If a student leaves hostel without payment of the hostel and mess dues, he will be charged from the security deposit or scholarship or as decided by the Principal on advice of  the Hostel Warden.


7.         The warden will maintain an up-to-date inventory of the Hostel belongings.


8.         Use of electric heater, stoves, electric iron or any such electric appliance except light bulbs/tube lights, is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Any student found in use of such items will have to pay penalty fixed by the Principal under the circumstances.


9.         The cleanliness of the room shall be responsibility of the occupants.


10.       All damages shall be repaired at the expense of the boarder responsible.


11.       Furniture shall not be transferred from one room to another.


12.       No sectarian/political/ethnic activities that likely to hurt the feelings of other boarders shall be allowed in the hostels.


13.       No cooking is allowed in the rooms. Defaulters are liable to a strict action by the Principal on advice of the Hostel Warden.


14.       The occupants of a room shall not refuse sharing their rooms with new allottees. Defaulters shall be liable to a strict disciplinary action.

15.       All the demands relating to the Hostels must be routed through the Hostel Warden. No direct application will be entertained by the Principal.


16.       No meetings or activities of political nature shall be permitted in the Hostel premises.


17.       The use of liquor and narcotics in the Hostels is strictly prohibited.


18.       Rights of admission in hostel premises are reserved.


19.       All cases of sickness must be reported to the Warden for necessary treatment.


20.       The college is not responsible for any loss or theft of the boarder belongings.




1.         Hostel Mess is meant only for the bonafideCollege students.


2.         Before proceeding to vacations, members shall clear all of their Mess and Canteen accounts.


3.         The Warden may forfeit the right of membership of any member if his conduct is found unsatisfactory or if he does not abide by the rules of the Mess.



Office of the Principal


I. Mr. Qazi Bashir Ahmad                                          Principal


2. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Niazi                                 Associate Prof./In-charge

                                                                                    Administration & Accounts



Academic/ Students Affairs


1. Syed Waseem Hussainy                                          Registrar


2. Dr. Badar Naseem Siddiqui                                    Assistant Prof./In-charge Examinations


3. Dr. Badar Naseem Siddiqui                                    Assistant Professor/Director Advance Studies & Research Board


4. Mr. Asad Khan                                                       Assistant Professor/Director Student Affairs/Hostel Warden


5. Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba Shah                                     Planning & Progress Officer


6. Mr. Muhammad Hussain                                        Senior Clerk


7. Mr. Muhammad Hanif                                            Senior Clerk


8. Mr. Sanaullah                                                          Field Assistant/Assistant Hostel Warden



Establishment Branch.


1. Mr. Ahmed Ali                                                       Superintendent

2. Mr. Khan Muhammad                                            Superintendent


3. Mr. Muhammad Akram                                          Junior Clerk (Attached with Admin. Department)


4. Mr. Zahir Shah                                                        Senior Clerk (Attached with Admin. Department)


5. Mr. Akhtar Muhammad                                         Senior Clerk/In-charge Stationary





Accounts Branch


1.   Mr. Muhammad Aslam Niazi                                 Accounts Officer

2.   Mr. Azeem Shah                                                     Assistant Accounts Officer

3.   Mr. Haleem Shah                                                    Office Assistant

4.   Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Malghani                          Office Assistant/Cashier

5.   Mr. Muhammad Zahid                                           Senior Clerk

6.   Mr. Ziauddin                                                          Lab.Technician/Attached with AAO



College Library


1. Mr. Lutfullah                                                          Assistant Professor/In-charge Library Affairs


2. Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan                                          Office Assistant/Library In-                                                                                       charge




1. Mr. Abdul Samad                                                   Dispenser


College Farm & Structure


1. Mr. Muhammad Afzal                                            Lecturer/In-charge Farms


2. Mr. Khalil Sarwar Lodhi                                         Junior Engineer


3. Mr. Mohammad Murtaza                                        Electrician


4. Mr. Ghulam Yaseen                                                Carpenter


5. Mr. Qadir Bakhash                                                 In-charge Plumber


6. Mr. Mohammad Qasim                                           Imam Masjid


8. Mr. Javed Nazeer                                                    Field Assistant


9. Mr. Khalid Ali Shah                                               Field Assistant



















Mr. Sohail Qadir

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agron.

Associate Professor


Mr. Abdul Razaq

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agron.

Assistant Professor/Head of Department


Mr. Muhammad Raza Siddiqui

M.Sc. (Hons.) Agron.

MSC (Crop Improvement) UK



Mr. Muhammad Tariq

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agron.



Mr. Nanak Khan Musakhail

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agri.



Mr. Muhammad Nauman Irshad

B. Sc/ (Hons.) Agric.






Mr. Zubair Rehman

M. Sc. (Hons.) SS.

Lecturer/In-charge Head of Department


Mr. Muhammad Sharif Buzdar

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agri.

Lecturer (On study leave for Ph.D.)







Mr. Hafeezullah Khan

M. Sc. Zoology

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Entomology

Associate Professor/ Head Department


Syed Waseem Hussainy

M. Sc. Zoology

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Entomology

Assistant Professor


Mr. Nazar Ali Shah

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Entomology

Assistant Professor

(On Ex-Pakistan Leave)


Mr. Arshad Ghani Khan

(M.Sc. Zoology)

M.S. Agric. Entomology (Alabama, USA)

Assistant Professor


Mr. Muhammad Amin

(M.Sc. Zoology)

M.S. Agric. Entomology  (Florida, USA)

Assistant Professor


Mr. Ahmed Jan,

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Entomology



Mr. Imran Ali Sani

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. Entomology





Mr. Lutfullah Khoso

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agri.

Assistant Professor/In-charge Head of Department/VPO


Mr. Ahmed Khan,

M. Sc. (Hons.) Plant Pathology.

Assistant Professor



S. Zulfiqar Ali Shah

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agri.








Mr. Amjad Ali

M.S. Ext. (USA)

Associate Professor/Head of Department


Dr. Badar Naseem Siddiqui

Ph. D. Agric. Ext. (Communication) UAF.

Assistant Professor


Mr. Shahin Shah

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. Ext.



Mr. Ghulam Yasin

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. Ext.



Mr. Jaffar Ali

M. Sc. (Hons.) Agric. Ext.






Mr. Anwar Saleem Kasi,

M.Sc.(Agri. Economics)

Assistant Professor (On deputation)





Mr. Raheel Babar

M. Sc. (Hons.) FRW.

Assistant Professor/Head of  Department





Mr. Qamar Raza

M. Sc. (Statistics)

Associate  Professor/Head of  Department


Mr. Mir Ahmed

M. Sc. (Statistics)

Assistant Professor







Sardar Waseem Baran

M. Sc. (Hons.) Hort.

Assistant Professor/Head of Department


Mr. Muhammad Afzal Kasi

M. Sc. (Hons.) Hort.



Mr. Muhammad Suleman Jafar

M. Sc. (Hons.) Hort.



Mr. Khalil Ahmed

M. Sc. (Hons.) Hort.







Mr. Muhammad Tahir

B. Sc. (Hons.) Agric.

Assistant Professor/In- Charge Head of Department





Mr. Nadim Arshad

B. Sc. (Hons.) PBG

(On Leave)


Mr. Ghulam Rasool Lashari

M. Sc. (Hons.) PBG

Lecturer/In-charge Head of Department







Mr. Asad Khan

M. Sc. (Physics), (MCS)

Assistant Professor/Head of Department


Mr. Ahmed Shah

M. Sc. (Physics)

Assistant Professor


Mr. Gull Shah

M. Sc. (Physics)






Mr. Muhammad Aslam Niazi

M. Sc. (Mathematics)

Associate  Professor/Head of Department





Mr. Abdul Ali

M. Sc. (Botany)

Assistant Professor/Head of Department







Mr. Hussain Ahmad Sherani,

M. A. (lslamiat)

Professor/Head of Department



Mr. Jaffar Shah

M.A. English