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Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta


Office of the Controller


The Controller of Examination is responsible for overseeing the examination processes in an educational institute, and their responsibilities may include:

  1. Exam Scheduling: Planning and scheduling exams, ensuring that they are aligned with the academic calendar and that adequate resources are available.

  2. Question Paper Preparation: Overseeing the preparation of question papers, ensuring that they are of high quality, free of errors and bias, and align with the curriculum.

  3. Conduct of Examinations: Overseeing the conduct of exams, ensuring that they are conducted smoothly and in accordance with established procedures and regulations.

  4. Evaluation and Grading: Supervising the evaluation of exam papers and grading of students, ensuring that it is done objectively and accurately.

  5. Result Declaration: Ensuring that exam results are declared in a timely manner and in accordance with established procedures and regulations.

  6. Record Keeping: Maintaining records of examination results and ensuring that they are secure, accurate, and accessible.

  7. Compliance: Ensuring that the examination process is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including those related to student privacy, data security, and accreditation.

  8. Feedback and Improvement: Receiving feedback on the examination process and implementing improvements to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.

In summary, the Controller of Examination plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and fairness of the examination process and supporting students in their academic pursuits.