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Our Vision:

Our vision is to endeavor and employ all the efforts to raise the standards of education at Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta and make it compatible with national and international requirements, so that this college may find a place in the world class institutions of high learning.

Our Mission:

1.      To improve the quality of education

2.      To achieve excellence in teaching and research through continuous quality enhancement by monitoring and reviewing the progress

3.      To form a well-organized scientific infrastructure for teaching and ensure systematic high-quality research in every department of the institution

4.      To produce graduates with adequate training for high professional achievements to enhance the scientific vision, particularly in Agri-Sciences, within the province and the country.

Aims & Objectives:

The major aim of establishing Q.E.C is to raise the standard of education of our institution by applying the procedure of self-assessment and by getting feedback (data) from students, graduates, employers, alumni, and other education experts. The collected data could be analyzed for corrective measures whenever and wherever deemed essential.


Duties / Functions/ Responsibilities of QEC-BAC:

1.      Academic quality assurance of B.Sc. (Hons)/ M. Sc./ M. Sc. (Hons)/ M. Phil / degree programs.

2.      Academic integrity of faculty and students for lectures, courses, class monitoring, attendance, exams, question papers, marking and results, based on the provided guidelines of the institution.

3.      Maintaining the overall decorum of the institution via monitoring, assessment, and feedbacks.

4.      Checking of plagiarism (similarity index in writing synopsis and thesis) of B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. (Hons) degree programs.

5.      Sending abstracts or research papers to national and international journals for publication.

6.      Self-assessment report (SAR) of the institution or Institution Portfolio Report (IPR) which the QEC gathers from every department/faculty after a period of 2 years i.e. four semesters.

7.      Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) based on given standards from HEC,

    • Course Evaluation
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • Faculty Course Review Report
    • Survey of Graduating Students
    • Research Student Progress Review Form
    • Faculty Survey
    • Alumni Survey
    • Employer Survey
    • Faculty Resume

8.      Awareness workshops/seminars for students, such as role of students in quality education.

9.      Travel grants for students and teachers to participate in national and international seminars, conferences, and trainings or workshops to share and exchange their research and ideas with the scientific community and agricultural experts.  

  1. Coordination among various accreditation councils/program teams/departments.
  2. Developing a data source for accurate information regarding quality assurance for various stakeholders.

Organizational setup and Staff of QEC-BAC

1.      Director QEC_ Dr. Naqeebullah

2.      Member QEC_ Mr. Zafarullah

3.      Member QEC_ Mr. Safeer Ahmed

4.      Computer assistant _ Unknown

5.      Office assistant _ Unknown


If a QEC of an institute or HEI (Higher Education Institute) attend a conference on Quality Assurance, attending university gets additional scores in HEC rankings.