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Thesis Evaluation

  1. There shall be 10 credit hours allocated for the thesis which shall not be counted towards calculation of CGPA.
  2. A Board of Examiners comprising members of the Supervisory Committee and one external examiner shall evaluate the thesis.
  3. The external examiner shall be appointed by the Principal from the persons proposed by the Advanced Studies and Research Board, out of the panel of names recommended by the Board of Studies or any other expert in the major field of research.
  4. At least three members of the Board of Examiners of whom one must be an external examiner, shall for the purpose of evaluating the thesis, hold a viva voce examination.
  5. The date, time and venue of thesis examination must be notified at least one week before the commencement. The faculty and students interested to participate in the oral presentation may be allowed. The notification to this effect may be made by the chairman of the Department concerned with intimation to the Director Advanced Studies and Controller of Examinations.
  6. The Controller of Examination shall get the thesis evaluated within three months after the date of its submission/re-submission in his office. Any delay beyond three months must be brought to the notice of the Principal.
  7. All the members of Supervisory Committee present shall sign the thesis after the viva voce examination after making necessary corrections and incorporating therein any suggestions by the Board of Examiners. The Board of Examiners in the letter grades as pass/fail shall evaluate the thesis.
  8. All the members of the Board of Examiners present shall sign the result sheet prescribed for this purpose at the end of the examination. The major supervisor will submit the results to the Controller of Examinations within 24 hours.
  9. In case of disagreement among the examiners regarding the acceptance of the thesis, it shall be referred to another external examiner appointed by the Principal whose decision shall be final.
  10. If a candidate fails in the thesis examination, he/she may enroll again and submit a revised thesis on payment of the prescribed examination fee but he/she shall not be entitled to resubmit his/her thesis before the expiry of six months after the date of the declaration of the result of the last thesis examination. He/she can avail this chance only once.