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Faculty Semester Monitoring Board (FSMB):

The Faculty Semester Monitoring Board will comprise of the following.

  1. Vice Principal/Faculty member nominated by the Principal (Chairman)
  2. Head of divisions.
  3. Head of respective department
  4. Three Senior Teachers from the Faculty nominated by Principal

The Faculty Semester Monitoring Board (FSMB) will perform the following functions:

  • Supervise and Monitor the implementation of Semester system in the Faculty and submit a report to Principal within 4 weeks of end of each semester.
  • Listen and decide the appeals against the decision of the Departmental Semester Committee. The decision of FSMB, after the approval of the Principal would be final and binding on the concerned parties.

Divisional/Departmental Semester Cell (DSC):

The Principal shall constitute a Departmental Semester Committee at each Departmental level. The committee shall comprise of the following.

  1. Head of the Division (Chairman)
  2. Head of the respective department (Member)
  3. Faculty Teachers preferably Senior of department (Two Members)
  4. Semester Coordinator (Member/Secretary)

The Divisional Semester Committee (DSC) will perform the following functions:

  • Supervise and ensure the semester schedules, class attendance, readmission, semester break according to policies of University/College.
  • Supervise and evaluate all examinations conducted in the Department except the Comprehensive examination which will be conducted by the UOB and will be externally evaluated.
  • Approval of change of specialization.
  • Co-ordinate with the Controller of Examination through Semester Coordinator.
  • Resolution of any controversy taking place from time to time, about the results or any other matter related to an examination between a student and a teacher or a student and the respective Department. The matter shall be referred to the Divisional Semester Committee on an initiative of the teacher concerned or submission of application by the student.  

The decision of the Divisional Semester Committee shall be final. However an appeal against the decision may be made to Faculty Semester Monitoring Board.