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Rules and Regulations Relating to Undergraduate

Academic Program:

An “Academic Program” means a program of studies, which leads to the award of B.Sc.(Hons.) Degree to the students, after successful completion of all its requirements.


A “Semester” means an academic period, in which one set of courses in any discipline of Agriculture Sciences is taught. The normal duration of a semester will be 18 weeks including 16 weeks for teaching and 2 week for examinations. The academic year consists of two semesters. 

  • Winter Semester (Session)

The duration of winter semester will be eight weeks. It will be offered in winter vacations and is subject to the availability of necessary resources / faculty.

Subject or Course:

A “Subject” or “Course” means a set of topics defined in the course outline of a subject related to an academic program, which is to be studied by a student for a fixed number of hours during a semester. Each subject will carry a specific discipline code and number.

Credit Course:

A “Credit Course” means a course of study, successful completion of which shall be a requirement for the award of degree.

Credit Hour:

A lecture of one-hour duration (including 10 minutes break) per week per semester for a subject countable towards a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average will be considered as one credit hour. However, in case of seminars, tutorials and laboratory work, one credit hour may require two or three contact hours depending upon the nature of the subject. 


A mark (letter grade) indicating the quality of student’s academic performance in terms of scoring marks is called grade.  

Grade Point:

 “Grade Point” means numeric value indicating a student’s academic performance in a given course.

Grade Point Average (GPA):

 “Grade Point Average (GPA)” of a semester, means the weighted average of GPs earned in all individual courses offered in a semester. GPA represents a student’s collective academic performance in a semester.

Cumulative  Grade Point Average (GPA):

“Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)” means the weighted average of all the courses in all semesters of the Program.

Controller of Examinations:

“Controller of Examinations” means the Controller of Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta.  


““Examiner” means the teacher / person appointed in normal cases by the Principal of the College, who has been teaching the subject to the class during the academic semester for which the examination is being conducted. In case any conflict arises, the Principal would be the final Authority to appoint any person other than the teacher teaching the course as examiner.