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Statues and Regulations Post Graduate

Academic Program:

An “Academic Program” means a program of studies, which leads to the award of M.Sc.(Hons.) Degree to the students, after successful completion of all its requirements.

Enrollment Exam:

  1. At the beginning of each semester a student must enroll in courses of studies on the prescribed form.
  2. A student, who maintains the minimum CGPA for promotion and meets the requirement in his respective program, will be promoted to the next semester. If he/ she does not maintain the required CGPA, he/she shall be ceased on the College Rolls and the ceased period, shall not be counted towards his/her academic residency period.
  3. A student, who does not meet the requirements for promotion, may have to repeat the whole semester (only once during the degree program), the course grades that he earns in the repeated semester shall replace the previously earned course grades. However, if he/she again does not meet the requirements for promotion in the repeated semester or in any other examination after availing this one chance, he shall cease to be on the College rolls.
  4. The enrolment shall not be complete unless a student makes payment of all the prescribed fees and submit the prescribed form in the respective office. The student shall not be allowed to sit for the semester examination unless all payments are made.
  5. Enrolment and fee payment shall be completed on the days notified for this purpose, provided that the Authority concerned may, in special circumstances and on payment of a late fee applicable at the time, permits a student to enrol within seven days after the commencement of the semester.
  6. Enrolment forms ( GS-10) must be submitted to the office of the Registrar, BAC latest by the fourth week of the commencement of semester who will responsible to submit the same to the Controller of Examinations, University. GS-10 to be submitted to the Director Advanced Studies who shall approve the same and send a copy each to the College Registrar, Controller of Examinations and other concerned.
  7. A student admitted to the course shall, for so long as he has not completed all the requirements for the degree, enroll himself/herself for each semester, failing which his/her admission shall stand cancelled, unless he/she gets permission for discontinuation.
  8. All post-graduate students shall have to enrol on GS-10 and pass the comprehensive examination after completion of the entire approved course work given on GS-12. Comprehensive examination will be of qualifying nature only i.e. pass/fail; for Master’s degree at 50% (D grade).
  9. Comprehensive examination shall comprise written and oral parts and shall be conducted be the respective committees. The students shall have to pass both the parts separately. If a student fails to pass comprehensive examination, he/she may appear again (only once) as per rule.
  10. In M.Sc. oral comprehensive examination at least four out of five committee members shall conduct the examination. If a student fails to qualify either in the written part or in the oral part, he/she shall be deemed to have failed in the comprehensive examination and he/she may appear again the both the written and the oral parts as per rule.
  11.  A candidate who fails in the comprehensive examination and/or enrol for thesis shall continue to enrol in the subsequent semesters till the completion of degree requirements within the prescribed time frame given for the relevant degree on payment of the prescribed fee by the College/University.
  12.  The name of student, who remains absent from the classes continuously for a week without prior permission shall be struck off the roll. A teacher shall report the absence to the chairman concerned for onward transmission to the authorities.