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Award of Degree

A student who passes all the examinations of his/her program of study with the prescribed CGPA and meets all other requirements shall be awarded the degree. In addition to general regulations the following regulations are also applicable to the M.Sc.(Hons.)Agriculture Degree. 

  • The duration of the course for the degree of M.Sc.(Hons.)Agriculture shall not be less than 4 semesters for whole time students.
  • The requirements to be completed by each student for award of degree shall be: The M. Sc. (Hons.) Agri. degree: 45 credits including 35 credits of course work and 10 credits of research thesis (not to be counted towards CGPA) based on approved program of research. 
  • Nearly two third of the credits for the course shall be in the major field of study, and one third in the minor fields of study: on the basis of the minimum requirements; the minor fields may be one or two but shall not exceed three. The ratio of one third and two third shall not apply to credits taken over and above the minimum requirements.
  • All students in M. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture will be required to pass a comprehensive examination (for details, see the relevant regulations).