1. Ordinarily a student shall not be enrolled for more than 15 and less than 10 credits in a semester except during the last semester however the students may be allowed to enroll one extra failed course in the third semester.
  2. These credits will include the credits earned in respect of deficiency courses. Out of the total number of credits required for Master’s program one credit shall be earned through Seminar and not more than one credit may be earned through special problem.
  3. The advanced studies and research board may, on the recommendations of Board of Studies, count towards the requirements of the Course, credits earned by a student at another recognized institution, subject to maximum of 50 percent of the minimum credits requirements laid down in these regulations provided that:
  • The courses for which credit is claimed, are identical with or similar to the Course, included in the program approved for him.
  • The credits allowed to Seminar and Special Problems shall not exceed the limit laid down in this regulation.
  • The courses for which credit is claimed have not been used for any other degree.

4.Provided that the above conditions may be relaxed by the Principal on the recommendations of the Director Advanced Studies and the concerned Board of Study.

5.Credits earned for a course shall lapse on the expiry of five years for regular students and seven years for part time students from the end of the semester in which the course was qualified. The Advanced Studies and Research Board may, however, revalidate the lapsed courses for special reasons to be recorded.