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Conduct of Mid and Final Exam

The Controller of Examination will announce the schedule of Mid-semester and Terminal Examinations.

Student's responsibility:

  1. Students will report half an hour before the time fixed for the examination on the first day and ten minutes on subsequent days.
  2. No books, notes, documents, cellular phone and video camera etc are to be taken in the examination hall except those authorized by the examiner.
  3. Examinees are required to be seated according to the seating plan of the examination room.

Unfair means:

  1. The students or examinee will not be in possession of any other books, notes, papers or reference material, mobile etc during the class test / mid-semester or terminal examination.
  2. Any student found using unfair means or assisting another student during a test / examination will be liable to disciplinary action.
  3. A student found guilty of such an act will be dealt by the ‘College disciplinary Committee’ in the light of policy in vogue.
  4. The use of unfair means hereby covers the following acts.
  5. An attempt to have access to the question paper before the test / examination.
  6. Use or possession of unauthorized material, i.e. books, notes, papers or reference material, mobile phone etc during test / examination.
  7. Any forms of communication by the examinees with any one in or outside the examination room while the test / examination is in progress.
  8. Any attempt to access or tamper with the official record/ examination papers etc.