Statues and Regulations

Prerequisites to promotion(GPA Requirement)

  1. A student must maintain GPA of 2.00 on a cumulative basis during his / her academic program. Any student with a GPA less than 1.50 will be dropped from the rolls of the University forthwith.
  2. A student securing a GPA between 1.50 and 2.00 will be put on probation for one semester.
  3. At the end of semester, student will be required to improve his / her GPA and bring it up to the required minimum of 2.00.
  4. If a probationer shows an improvement, but his GPA is still below 2.00 then his / her probation may be extended for another semester.
  5. If he / she still fail to bring his / her GPA to 2.00 by the end of next semester then he / she will be dropped from the rolls of the University.
  6. If a student fails to pass certain courses and yet manage to maintain his / her GPA equal to or above 2.00 then he / she will be allowed to repeat and clear the course(s) or substitute(s) {whenever permissible} before the degree is awarded to him / her.
  7. GPA is computed at the end of each semester.

Improvement of CGPA

  1. A student may repeat the course(s) in which he received the grade ‘D’ in order to improve his CGPA. Procedure for repeating a Course(s) will be as under.
  2. The candidate will apply to the Chairman / Chairperson / Director / Principal of Department / Institute / Centre / Constituent College for permission to repeat a course(s).
  3. The case will be presented before the DSC, which may permit a student to repeat a course(s) whenever offered subject to the availability of necessary resources / faculty.
  4. The student while repeating the course(s) will have to undergo all assignments, quizzes, Mid-term and Terminal Examinations.
  5. A student will be allowed to repeat maximum of five courses in four year program apart from clearance of ‘F’ grade(s) through repetition.
  6. Repetition of a failed course is granted by DSC subject to availability of necessary resources / faculty.

Evaluation of a course

Grade Point (GP)

According to the marks distribution table 1, the percentage marks will be converted into Grade Points using the table 3. A student securing less than fifty percent marks in a course will be treated as fail or ‘F’ grade.

Grade Point Average of a Semester (GPA)

Semester Grade point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPA) will be calculated using the following relationship.

GPA = sum of (GP in individual course x number of credit hours)   /  Total number of credit hours in semester


For graduation, the minimum qualifying CGPA for Bachelors is 2.00.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

The Cumulative Grade Point Average is calculated for all courses offered in a program using the above formula.

Attendance, Struck off and Re-admission

  1. Students shall have to be punctual and regular to attend all lectures / seminars, laboratory periods, and fieldwork as required for each course during the semester session. A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examination of a course provided that he has attended not less than 75% (cumulative) of lectures / seminars delivered in that course. He has to complete 75% attendance in the laboratory / field work for grading of laboratory / field work course.
  2. The name of a student will be struck off if his monthly attendance is less than 25% by the Principal on the recommendation of respective Head of Department
  3. The student will have to get himself / herself readmitted within four days (04) with fee Rs.500/- and within further three (03) days with fee Rs.1000/-. On failure of readmission his admission shall stand cancelled.
  4. There will be at the most three chances for readmission for a four years program. A student readmitted thrice during the session of study program shall not be allowed a further readmission and his / her admission shall stand cancelled.
  5. There will be at the most two chances for readmission for a two years program. A student readmitted twice during the session of study program shall not be allowed a further readmission and his / her admission shall stand cancelled.
  6. A student seeking readmission shall not be exempted from the payment of readmission fee.
  7. A student will not be allowed to sit for terminal examination of any semester unless he has no outstanding dues for the said semester. Accounts Branch of the University will issue a clearance certificate in this regard.

Conduct of Mid and Final Exam

The Controller of Examination will announce the schedule of Mid-semester and Terminal Examinations.

Student's responsibility:

  1. Students will report half an hour before the time fixed for the examination on the first day and ten minutes on subsequent days.
  2. No books, notes, documents, cellular phone and video camera etc are to be taken in the examination hall except those authorized by the examiner.
  3. Examinees are required to be seated according to the seating plan of the examination room.

Unfair means:

  1. The students or examinee will not be in possession of any other books, notes, papers or reference material, mobile etc during the class test / mid-semester or terminal examination.
  2. Any student found using unfair means or assisting another student during a test / examination will be liable to disciplinary action.
  3. A student found guilty of such an act will be dealt by the ‘College disciplinary Committee’ in the light of policy in vogue.
  4. The use of unfair means hereby covers the following acts.
  5. An attempt to have access to the question paper before the test / examination.
  6. Use or possession of unauthorized material, i.e. books, notes, papers or reference material, mobile phone etc during test / examination.
  7. Any forms of communication by the examinees with any one in or outside the examination room while the test / examination is in progress.
  8. Any attempt to access or tamper with the official record/ examination papers etc.

Test and Examination

The following types of Tests/Exams will be conducted during a semester of studies for the purpose of grading.

Minor tests/Quizzes:

 Five quizzes will be conducted frequently in each course at irregular intervals throughout the semester with /without intimation and three best shall be considered for awarding grade.

Major tests:

  • Mid Semester Examination:

 A 1-2 hours duration test will be conducted at the mid semester.

  • Terminal Examination:

The terminal examination will be conducted at the end of the semester in each course having duration of three hours.


Two assignments spread over the entire course outline of a course will be given by the concerned teacher. The first assignment must be given before the mid-semester examination and second should be given before the terminal examination. These assignments shall be graded.

Laboratory work:

This will be evaluated by the concerned teacher to ascertain that the student has achieved the desired competency of the said laboratory work.  


Project is a theoretical / laboratory / both research work aimed at testing the ability of a student to translate the theoretical / experimental knowledge in the form of report/thesis. The project topic will be related to specialized field and will be assigned in second last semester. The report / thesis has to be submitted by the end of the final semester of the Program. The project / thesis will be presented to a committee, constituted by the Head of the Department.  

Comprehensive Examination:

After the successful completion of all courses of the academic program, there shall be a written comprehensive examination to be qualified by each student, obtaining at least 50% compulsory marks. The comprehensive examination will be based on the core courses. The question paper will be set by the external examiner and he will also evaluate the scripts. The Controller of Examinations(UOB) will conduct the comprehensive examination of eligible candidates within twenty days. The evaluation of comprehensive examination would not be considered for Grading / GPA. The candidate failing in the comprehensive examination shall be given two more chances to qualify the examination with in three months from the date of declaration of result of the first comprehensive examination. A student who fails to qualify the comprehensive examination within the authorized period i.e. three chances, whether availed or not availed, would be awarded a Undergraduate Diploma and not a degree in that subject.  

Distribution of marks:

Nature of Examination






Mid Semester Exam


20 %


15 %

10 %



25 %

Terminal Exam