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Competent authority and penalties

The Principal, Vice Principal, Head of Divisions, Head of Departments, Hostel Warden and Director Student Affairs shall be Competent to take disciplinary action against students of their respective divisions/departments and hostels found guilty of misconduct and indiscipline. The disciplinary action may take one of the following forms, depending on the nature of indiscipline or misconduct:

  1. An apology verbal or written.
  2. Censure and warning for future.
  3. Cancellation of Hostel accommodation.
  4. Imposition of Fine.
  5. Suspension of Scholarship for one semester;
  6. Placing a student on Probation.
  7. Suspension from the rolls, and or ban on entry in the premises of the College.
  8. Recovery of loss or breakage of moveable and immovable college property.
  9. Suspension of Scholarship for more than one semester.
  10. Rustication from the College.
  11. Expulsion from the College.
  12. Any other action as deemed fit by the Principal.


For the purposes of these Regulations, penalties specified in Regulation (1)  to  (8) shall be deemed to be minor penalties, and those specified in Regulation (9 to 12) to be major penalties.