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Department of Soil Science


The Department of Soil Science, BAC, Quetta trains students in the use and management of land. Graduates will understand both the fundamentals of soils and the principles of land management. The curriculum will show how these principles are applied in agriculture as well as real estate development. Soils constitute one of the largest capital investments in farming, and proper soil management is essential for efficient production. Future world food needs will be met by proper use of soil resources and fertilizers. Soil properties are important for non-agricultural, environmental, and real estate development as well. For managing any use of land, knowledge of soil and its interaction with likely pollutant is vital in maintaining environmental quality.


 Soil science graduates fill positions of leadership and service in land resource planning, environmental science, real estate development, conservation, natural resource management and agriculture. Among these are opportunities as: farm operators and managers; county agricultural extension agents; employees of other public advisory agencies; private sector soil consultants for real estate development, and Natural Resources Conservation Service and other conservation-related agencies concerned with soil resources. Graduates also serve as technical representatives and salesmen in fertilizer companies and in other agribusiness activities. Many opportunities exist for privately consulting soil scientists who serve a variety of clientele needs including helping plan real estate developments. Environmental concerns usually require soil science expertise, especially in land-based waste management. Provisions are made for students wishing for more thorough training in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics leading to graduate study. Students with an advanced degree have greater opportunities in teaching, research, service and extension with state, federal and private educational or research institutions and agencies. People trained in soils and land management are sought by private consulting companies, land developers, agribusiness, research, service planning-development, education and conservation-related agencies.