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Department of Agronomy





The Department of Agronomy offers specialized courses leading to Bachelor and Master Degrees in Agronomy. Itprovides all facilities of research and field visits to the students of Bachelor and Master during the course work. All students are provided with equal opportunities of learning through multimedia/internet/ and exposure visits within the province as well as in the country. It has been widely accepted and it has attracted a large number of students for admission every year. The department reserves a huge open experimental area to conduct problem oriented research at graduate and postgraduate level .Department of Agronomy is entirely engaged in developing trained human resource base in crop production, conduct basic and applied research in various aspects of field crop production and soil management under varying agro-ecological conditions and socio-economic conditions of the farming community. It provides advisory services to farmers, agriculture officers, research officers, NGOs and the relevant agro-based industry,imparting short term trainings for farmers and in service agri-personnel pertaining to latest developments in this field for better resource management and sustaining crop yields under changing environmental scenario.




To develop the department to enhance skill and knowledge of the students of Agronomy and application of principles and practices of crop production.




To Produce a variety of scientists and researchers in Agronomy responsive to national needs and priorities focusing more on issues relating to development and promotion of crop production and food security.



  1. The Department of Agronomy produced number of students in the field of agronomy.
  2. It provided guidance and skill to the farming community for better production.
  3. Various programs of cropping and harvesting guidance were arranged through media for the farming community.
  4. Encouraged and supported farmers for development of Organic Agriculture for friendly environment.