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Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics



Plant Breeding is an art, science and technology which deals with the genetic improvement of economical crop plants with the aims of producing high yielding varieties of better quality and resistance against biotic and abiotic factors.

Plant Breeding is a significant tool for the fight against food security in the 21st century. For more than one hundred years, Plant Breeding has been widely recognized for developing novel Breeding methodologies and discovering economically important genes and varieties in order to meet the challenges of food security in the world.

Plant breeders use traditional Breeding methods, genetic and cytogenetic tools to seek out; 

  1. Food fulfillment for the rapid growing world population.
  2. Producer need, consumer preference and environmental impact.



The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Balochistan Agriculture College, is a center of excellence for conventional plant breeding, as well as molecular approaches. It imparts quality education to graduates and postgraduates in the areas of Plant Breeding, Cytogenetics, Biometry, Quantitative Genetics, Stress Breeding, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering.



  1. To completion of semester course program under the aegis of HEC updated curriculum.
  2. To imparts education and training to undergraduate and graduate levels.
  3. Evaluation of local and exotic lines and varieties of different crops in the experimental field area.
  4. To acquaint the students about various abiotic and biotic stresses influencing crop yield, mechanisms and genetics of resistance and methods to breed stress resistant varieties.
  5. To Cognizance students with modern techniques of Plant Breeding and Plant tissue culture.
  6. To impart practical training and field exposure to students to gain professional confidence.
  7. Developing Concepts of students about conventional and non-conventional breeding methods.
  8. Demonstration of selfing and crossing techniques of different crop plants in Vitro and in Vivo circumstances.