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Department of Food Technology





In Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta, the Department of Food Technology started its academic activities in 2013 after the appointment of newly staff in Food Technology. Before 2013, minor subject of Food Technology was taught in earlier semesters but now this department offers specialization in Food Technology. The department was established to produce food industries in the province and to meet up the growing demand for food scientists in government, research and educational sectors.



Food Technology has a great scope that provides degree holder the opportunity to work in different sectors of Government such as Health, Food, Agriculture, Research as Research officer, Food Engineer, Food Analyst, Production Manager etc. 



  1. To offer graduate study in Food science and technology.
  2. To produce qualified food technologists for Food industries, teaching and research organization.
  3. To protect our environmental condition from deterioration of food.
  4. To improve the quality of food.
  5. To aware the students about the importance of safe processed nutritious food.
  6. To carry out research in food science & technology.
  7. To provide diagnostic analysis of food products.
  8. To incorporate the food industry waste for new products development.
  9. To preserve, process and manipulate the agricultural crops to avoid post-harvest losses.